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The Center for Investigative Reporting analyzed a group of claims and found an error rate of closer to 38%.In response to much media and Congressional attention to the problem with errors, the DVA claims it has reduced its error rate to 12% in FY 2016.Members on orders of up to 30 days will still collect 100% of the maximum locality rate.Members on orders of 30-179 days will receive 75% of the maximum locality rate.Mistaken denials can also result from the DVA misplacing documents from your file.An independent review of documents at a VA regional office found hundreds of evidentiary documents from claimants files had mistakenly been put in the shredding pile.The appeal process can take a long time, but knowing that there is a high error rate and that a lot of denials are later overturned can help guide your decision whether to appeal.

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Members receiving the OCONUS incidental expenses rate of .50/day will not be affected by the change.When VA disability claims are initially denied, the first thing veterans should know is that the VA has a very high error rate.After you receive your decision packet with details of your decision or award, you can appeal all or part of the decision.Common reasons for initial denial Just because your claim was denied does not mean you are not eligible for disability benefits.As noted above, the VA commonly makes errors in its determinations, by not applying the facts of your case correctly.

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