Validating controls in asp net

If the input control value is empty then no validation occurs.The properties of the control are as follows: It is the display behavior of the control.Our article regarding, how to develop; make; create; use the ASP.NET Validation Controls to Validate the User Input. It will check the target Id is not blank, means it will be mandatory field to form.Note that all the script files needed to enable client side validation is added in Site. Now, when you run your application you will see that client side validation will always validate a input control whether you enable or disable this input control. Just save the script file and run your application again you will see that it only validate those input controls which are enabled.To validate only enable controls just open Microsoft Mvc Validation.debug.js(I had referenced the debug version in Site. and not validate those input controls which are disabled.

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The control raises an error if the input value is not entered by the user. The properties associated with the control are as follows: It is the display behavior of the control.

Client side validation always saves a lot of time and bandwidth, because it take place on the client side and the user is immediately informed that they've gone wrong in filling out the form before the form is posted back to the server. NET includes a set of server validation controls for web form since it's first version. NET MVC 1 not have any built-in support for client side validation. NET MVC 2 fills this gap by supporting client side validation via Data Annotation. This may be good for some one but may be not good for some one else.

NET MVC 2 validate all input controls including disabled controls.

In this article I just modified 2-3 lines of Microsoft Mvc Validation.script file to make it only validate enabled controls.

I hope you may find this useful for some specific scenarios. Must add that you should not try validating on the server with Model State.

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