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Although the facilities at the Caucasus Mountains resort of Sochi are already winning enthusiastic praise from visiting skiers, thousands of angry activists are determined to spoil Putin’s party.The marchers are Circassians, the descendants of a people who once had their own country on the shores of the Black Sea, between Crimea and the modern-day Republic of Georgia.In 2005 a Circassian activist and shopkeeper named Murat Berzegov asked the Russian Parliament to recognize the destruction of his nation as genocide.The request seemed reasonable enough: the legislators had previously acknowledged that Stalin’s deportations of a whole list of nations—the Chechens, the Crimean Tatars, the Volga Germans, and many others—had been genocides, and the Circassians’ tragedy was every bit as bad.One military report speaks of the crops that were left in the fields for the Cossacks to harvest and eat.

The IOC’s role is to ensure the Olympic Games are of excellent quality, while remaining relevant and ensuring they deliver a long-term legacy to host cities.We believe that through sport we can achieve a lot but cannot resolve all the issues that a country might face.” Nevertheless, the Sochi Games give the Circassians a unique chance to mobilize their scattered nation.“We, whose fathers were subjected to genocide, once again underline that we condemn in the strongest terms the IOC’s decision,” said a statement from the Circassian group No Sochi 2014, which includes activists from Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Germany, France, and Belgium, as well as the United States.But the Russian Parliament took those votes when its deputies included Soviet-era dissidents.By 2005 those justice seekers were long gone, however, replaced by party hacks in expensive suits, and Berzegov’s petition brought him nothing but threats and harassment.

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