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Campers will learn and compete in team sports, including basketball, lacrosse, soccer, softball and volleyball.Campers will also take part in a variety of traditional kids games.For beginners or seasoned players, join us for a great weekend of instruction and competitive matches.We will work on stroke execution as well as match strategy.

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Myers-Mc Loraine Pool The 50-meter by 25-yard pool includes up to 20 lanes in the 25-yard dimension and nine lanes in the 50-meter dimenson, and contains a moveable bulkhead which allows for simultaneous activities.

Ages 13 - 17 The summer camp is located on one of the beautiful lakes that surround Berlin, in the little village of Blossin.

This camp has fantastic water sports facilities - with lots of canoes, sailing boats and surfing equipment.

The 10 classrooms are in a central building, and there is a cafeteria.

Additional facilities: harbour with boats, surf boards, kayaks, canoes, sailing boats; beach, indoor gym, fitness studio, bicycles, beach volleyball field, soccer field German course: The camp has room for 80 students. You can meet some of them online in our summer camps community: Check the MEMBERS to see if there are others from your country going to GLS.

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