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for a woman who was married for 36 years to a passive aggressor who took her for granted and who needed to undermine her sense of self in order to bolster his, it was a drug! Both subsequent relationships lasted 9 months—give or take.

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So along with my NJ/PA/NY roots, I returned to my religious ones—ie the Catholic Church. (Thou shalt not kill.) I think he doled out 20 Hail Marys, 5 or 6 Our Fathers and an Act of Contrition. Nowadays #2 (taking the Lord’s name in vain) is the one I struggle with. and start all over again.” Its subject was failure, because at that point I’d had a lot of it. (Though the numbers today say 5355 views by 3162 visitors in 90 countries, let’s be realistic. Waiting in the hotel crew lounge for our room keys in Paris (yeah . I loved her But more, I loved her brand of brass—that clash of class and sass that bespeaks confidence. I can write (and no doubt have) 100,000 words on the topic of starting over, wanting more, refusing to settle for less and learning overall andto love the self that stares back at me in the mirror. (He read it while deployed, but admitted he’d torn off its bodice-ripper cover first. As such, it has the simplest story line—and the most sex scenes. It’s not my academic knowledge, formal training or expertise—because I have none, none and none. But my honesty and willingness to openly and candidly (sometimes too candidly) write about my emotions, doubts, fears and experiences . I was a very bored stay-at-home mom when I wrote it. As I’ve said before, the only degree hanging on my wall says German, Russian and History. life is a circle that turns on itself, returning to end where it begins . What I needed—desperately—was the comfort of believing a higher power had a plan for me. Since my last relationship breakup has engendered 6 months of unwanted celibacy, I no longer have to cop to that “sex outside of marriage” thing. Postscript: Stay tuned for this techno-idiot’s foray into an audiovisual realm . I flew with a woman this week, my age—give or take. I know, rough life), I overheard her say, “I’m now taking applications for my new boyfriend.” I laughed. Like good writing, starting over is not a technique about And #2, like my book title avers, I still want fireworks. Single and alone, after 36 years of being wife and mother, the move itself was a faithful act. But I didn’t need a mountain moved (and a transcon moving company had taken care of my worldly goods). So back to me in Church, with a pretty clean slate, I might add. With E’s encouragement, I’m going to try something new next time, a 2-parter that is half video and half my per usual written post. ) One pretty standard bromide that abounds on chat sites and Facebook pages (and in self-help books by so-called “experts”)? I have no problem with the advice—hell, I’ve probably said it here! It’s trite and unoriginal, a feel-good remark intended to soothe and create the illusion of problem solving. But sitting in that lounge, I realized a hair-splitting truth.

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