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They were creating a new Arab state — democratic, liberal, open to education, and that carried with it also an interest in building.One reason I became interested in architecture is that I remember being taken to an exhibition — I was only 6 or 7 years old, but I remember seeing models and things — of Frank Lloyd Wright’s plan for Baghdad.I continued to accumulate A’s, cutting classes whenever I could, learning nothing.It is because of the experience I had in the gifted program that I decided to home-school my daughter.I guess I can count my lucky stars that there were no Saturday morning cartoons when I was kid.

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The museum’s instructors would give these fascinating two-hour lectures and demonstrate the laws of physics using hands-on experiments.

That model — an adult serving a small number of children, helping them learn what they themselves want to learn — seemed the best, and maybe only, way to learn.

I have little recollection of what I was taught in my class of 25, but I remember everything I learned in my class of 3.

As in so many places in the developing world at the time, the ’60s, there was an unbroken belief in progress and a great sense of optimism.

People respected history but also believed in liberating themselves from the pressure of history.

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