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In 1965/66 I was serving in the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborn) in Vietnam on Detachment C-3.

My boss, the detachment XO, was one Major Joseph C. One day we got to talking about that incident and Major Lutz told me that he was the commanding officer of the cavalry troop that was on the receiving end of the artillery round!

Because of the position they were in, at right angles to each other, the treads missed Landrio, the two tracks passed on each side of him, however one track ran over Maj.

He and Landrio were transported by ambulance to the hospital in Nurnberg where Maj was DOA.

Maj and his family did emigrate to the US from Czechoslovakia after WW2.The names of these Spearhead soldiers will be added in chronological order.If we get information about the facts surrounding each soldier, we will publish the story behind each soldiers death.r was from Somerville, NJ, this was something we had in common because I was also from NJ, about 20 miles north of Somerville, a town called Parsippany.The field exercise lasted two days and at the end of the second day our platoon pulled into an open field, that was surrounded by woodland, for some chow and a rest period.We were hungry and tired with little sleep in the previous 36 hours.

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