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The lyrics seem to be about the fact Cheryl once tried to dump the 1D lad over the phone, but they instead ended up becoming official and later having a baby.But in the video the couple are far from reconciling after a possible break up.For instance, when Ed Sheeran added TLC as co-writers on "Shape Of You" this year, acknowledging that it sounds pretty similar to "No Scrubs." Whatever your feelings about Swift’s single — which Twitter users have also likened in sound to Lorde and Black Eyed Peas’s “My Humps” — it's never a bad time to revisit the “I’m Too Sexy” video with its playful satire of the fashion world, including tank tops being ripped off, tiger print underwear, and more oiled up pecs than gay pride night at London LGBTQ club Heaven.Flanders, the northern region of Belgium and the home of the Flemish Masters, remains one of the world’s most culturally sophisticated regions.Here you can find Belgian paintings spanning six centuries.

Exciting crossovers between the two aren’t uncommon - one can leave behind their mark (or better still a mural) at the Graffiti Street.

It’s dark and moody, and kind of sexy – it’s Liam Payne’s new video for Bedroom Floor.

Bella Thorne stars in his new solo video, which tells the story of someone trying to break up with someone but they just can’t get away.

At the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent, one can even witness the live restoration of this most stolen artwork of all time.

The Design Museum Ghent, meanwhile, exhibits a trend-setting collection of Belgian and international design.

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