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We read aloud and meditate over the prayer requests written during Sunday worship, and then include prayer and meditation for individuals from the community who come to the prayer group for help or healing. A key aspect of the group is that anything said or read remains confidential.

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We meet once a week on Tuesday evening in a quiet space in the church (usually Thomson Hall), often accompanied by flowers and candles.

Full Members of NAOP should have a Master’s degree in Psychology or related disciplines and be involved in one or more aspects related to teaching, research and practice. Subject to other provisions of the statutes, the persons who become Associate Members or Full Members can keep their membership on payment of the membership fees.

Those without a Master degree in psychology or related disciplines (including students in psychology at Bachelor or Master level and others who are practitioners without a master degree in psychology or related disciplines) can become Associate Members without voting rights. Associate members need to send a copy of their current identity card which has a date of validity mentioned.

All prospective members have to go through the application process and will become a Member or Associate Member of the Academy with the payment of the prescribed dues. Full Member (Postgraduate, Doctorate in psychology and allied areas. Ph D students who want to apply under associate member category need to attach a copy of a letter from the Dean/HOD certifying that no scholarship of any kind is paid to the student.

A person shall continue to be a member so long as the annual dues are regularly paid. If scholarships are paid, a Ph D student should apply as full member.

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