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Based on what is reported, we are consistent with the national average. Nationally, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced some type of intimate partner violence, which is similar to what we see locally.

It is important to understand both reported and unreported (not reported to any law enforcement, court, hospital) occurrences of intimate partner violence.

Thirty-nine percent of women and 26% of men in the state of Nebraska are estimated to experience some type of intimate partner violence (physical, emotional, or sexual) in their lifetime.

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The ripple effect continues into the criminal justice system and health care systems, which provide intervention and treatment to those impacted by violence.Tactics for power and control include coercion, intimidation, emotional abuse, isolation, using children, economic abuse (limiting access to bank accounts or only allowing the partner to have an allowance and not access to their own account), physical abuse, or sexual abuse.It’s a crime that is typically committed in isolation and often goes unreported.With work, spending time with family, vacationing and hanging out with friends this summer, dating can seem like another time commitment that’s not exactly worth the investment.Besides, where are you supposed to meet girls to date, anyway?

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