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- https:// Standard & Poor's - Stock Exchanges: New York - Stock Exchanges: Toronto - Stock Exchanges: Nasdaq - Stock Market Yellow Pages: company search - Wall Street Journal - Bank: Global Challenges - Yahoo Finance: financial news - Financial Literacy (Canadian Bankers Association): financial information for young Canadians - cat=Financial-Literacy Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations - Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner of BC - Bureau of Labor Statistics - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) - Canadian Embassies and Consulates - Business with Canada - Business: business regulations for local firms in 190 economies and selected cities- Global EDGE International Business Resource Desk - Desk/ International Monetary Fund (IMF) - International Relations: for Canadian companies doing business abroad, and international companies doing business in Canada - International Trade Commission (ITC; based in US) - Library of Parliament, Trade and Investment Series - Publications/North American Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA Secretariat) - Office of the Chief Economist- g=414315&p=2822716 User's Guide to Finding and Evaluating Health Information on the Web - Evaluation Game: WEG from BCIT - World’s Best Websites: criteria/checklist for awards - Council on Admissions & Transfer - BC Post-Secondary Application Service - BC Student Student Awards & Financial Assistance: Student Awards & Financial Assistance, loan status (BC Ministry of Advanced Ed) - Justice Institute of BC - Canada Dept.of Justice - Crime Solutions: research into what works in criminal justice, juvenile justice, victim services(US Dept of Justice) - Resources (York University) - History: famous cases - Security Report Project at SFU: international studies on political violence, war - Interactive Investigator-Forensic Science: play a game, solve a crime – Law Enforcement Technology - - BC School Districts: Map (BC Stats) - ca/schools/BC Student Student Awards & Financial Assistance: Student Awards & Financial Assistance, loan status (BC Ministry of Advanced Ed) - School: BC K-12 distance learning, free course materials, learning objects - CUFA/BC Post-Secondary Education Information Service: Faculty Associations - School District 57 - Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) - - Jobs Blogs: Student - Blogs: Supporting Student Success - Blogs: Wepps' Blog on Higher Ed - Canadian Academia: news, email alerts - Canadian Association of College and University Student Services - https:// Federation of Students - Federation of Students - BC - Canadian Federation of Students - CNC - Virtual University - Can Learn Interactive (HRDC): supporting Canadians in pursuit of learning and career goals - College Student Alliance (Ontario post-secondary) - The Debt Free Grad: student online source for financial advice - Canada Network: job postings for teachers, school, college, university - of Learning Technologies (HRDC) - Pearson Education Canada Web site - Scholarships Canada - Fees: by year, province etc.

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scene=Beetle Science Bio Interactive: multimedia biology resources- Animation Library (Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory) - Online: dictionary of biology, tutorials, links - Med Central: peer-reviewed research - Web: brain diseases and disorders - Bryophytes: mosses, liverworts and hornworts - Butterflies and Moths of North America: 2800 species - Cal Photo: Fungi: over 1600 photos of fungi (Univ.

S.) - Works: information about health and medical science careers - Works.nsf/feature/Occupational Outlook Handbook (US) - Retired Worker Canada: for retirees who want part-time, temporary or contract work - Vector: 150 six-minute video profiles of Canada's most-needed careers - Vocational Information Center - World's Worst Jobs - Worst Jobs in History!

(just for fun) - Youth Resource Network of Canada - CNC Home Page - Can Learn Interactive (HRDC): supporting Canadians in pursuit of learning/career goals - School Finder - see also Education section 3D Organic Chemistry Animations - ACD Labs: Advanced Chemistry Development, free downloads page - American Chemical Society Website: with Chem Research News searchable index - American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Structure and the Periodic Table: online textbook - CCINFOweb: with Chem Info and MSDS (for CNC users only) Chem Gate: search for NMR, IR, MS Spectra - Chemistry, a molecular approach: introductory - Chemistry at articles, news, podcasts - Index - Chem Tutor - General Chemistry Online: introductory college chemistry lecture guides, tutorials - Household Products Database: links to consumer brands, MSDS information - Martindale's Grad & Undergrad Centre: chem & math - Chemistry - Laboratory Technique Videos - Table of Elements, Comic Strip Style!

Research tip for students: Before looking for information on the Internet, make sure you have checked for published works on your topic first.

(1) Search the library catalogue for books and media (2) Search online journal indexes for journal articles on your topic.

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