My computer keeps updating and restarting

Should I just keep uninstalling windows updates until the problem fixes?

Hi Richard0600, you could try going back to a system restore point made before the updates were installed.

Having more than one real time anti-virus program running at one time usually conflict with each other causing all sorts of problems.

It's OK to have on demand scanners like Malwarebytes installed since they don't conflict with other programs.

Suggest you uninstall Bitdefender, Doctor Spyware and any other anti-virus / anti-spyware products you may have installed.

If you can get into normal mode to run the scan, run it in normal mode. Malwarebytes is desighed to run best in Normal mode, not safe mode.

Although you can run it in Safe mode, if necessary.

Lastly, and this is a long shot, try turning off your automatic updates and then turning it back on after a bit. or should i just start uninstalling all of the updates... Am reluctant to say where stuff is in VISTA because I may muddy up the water (with my XP references). and you can turn off automatic updates I think somewhere; in XP automatic update settings were in the Security Center in Control Panel. If you can then get into Normal Mode, run the scan again. Will the free version do the scan and delete any viruses found?

AFAIK VISTA does have a Task Manager, but I'm not sure where it is . I'm no computer expert but I am pretty certain this has something to do with the Language packs installed, and the windows update I did... BUT 2 weeks ago I had a similar problem where i did a windows update and was stuck at 'please wait' after I installed which is in the situation I am in now.

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