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"Now before we talk about this anymore please explain to me why only Weiss' bed is a mess…"-CPz-Ruby's silver eyes narrowed at the redhead who was leaning against the side of the building while they waited for their partners. "We have our teams but no one really knows about us but my team." Ruby looked at Pyrrha."What exactly did you put in Yang's drink last night, Pyrrha? Pyrrha looked at the bakery store and saw Jaune carrying more boxes than he can balance with Weiss in lead holding one small box. I was worried I would have to unleash Ruby in the bakery."Ruby growled and Weiss giggled."Of course, Jaune." Pyrrha looked away and cleared her throat."We should catch up before Ruby eats those boxes."Jaune chuckled and grabbed Pyrrha's hand as they walked up the street together.At least that is what she thought until Blake had her pinned against a tree in the middle of the night.

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"I prefer this side, the real you."Yang smiled and held Blake closer while returning the kiss. Uncle Qrow tried to make sure we lived like kids even though we weren't exactly…normal."Pyrrha looked down. "I mean I have my family but…""It's not the same," Ruby said and chuckled.

She never acts like that."Pyrrha smiled and looked into Ruby's eyes. I poured some into our glasses when no one was looking. "No, we took longer because of this." Weiss handed Pyrrha the box.

You might be fastest out of all of us but Vampires do have speed too.""Yang is going to be furious when she finds Blake in her bed," Ruby said and slammed her head into the wall. "Those two are basically dating already with how they look at each other or how close they get. "Ruby felt uneasy by all these questions but trusted Pyrrha. "From Jaune," Weiss whispered to Pyrrha and both Weiss and Ruby helped pull some boxes from Jaune's arms. "Jaune smiled shyly and slid his hand into his yellow hair. You always pull the team back up after a blow or you bring others up when they are down. You should have been the leader of JPNR but…I'm luckier to have you as my partner." Jaune said and looked down nervously."Jaune…

When parents never come back from a hunt who else to raise two kids other than Raven and Qrow?

Also doesn't help that all four are Vampires walking across all of Remnant.

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    All prospective members have to go through the application process and will become a Member or Associate Member of the Academy with the payment of the prescribed dues. Full Member (Postgraduate, Doctorate in psychology and allied areas. Ph D students who want to apply under associate member category need to attach a copy of a letter from the Dean/HOD certifying that no scholarship of any kind is paid to the student.