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At this time, seems to switching to the Lorax branded version of this camera.

Overall, this is an impressive camera with very good image quality, good low light performance, well-organized menus and very, very small.

To me, side by side, the image quality both day and night is superior on the Swann. Some people have successfully loaded the Hikvision firmware for this camera allowing it to operate in 3MP mode.

The color balance, the WDR, the noise reduction is better handled on the Swann. The NVR can not record past 1080P (2MP mode), so you would have to run NVR software like Blue Iris to derive benefit from 3MP resolution.

As before, you can click on the image to see the full size, 1080P image straight from the camera.

Also as before, I set the max exposure time to 1/30th.

This is what the web interface looks like when you first log in.

Hikvision is selling the camera as the DS-2CD2032 with the added bonus that it’s capable of not only 1080P, but also 3MP mode.Many of these features exist for good reason and are useful to some people.However, for many people, these features just get in our ways.They’re full of all sorts of annoying features that just get in our way and slow us down, distracting us from getting work done or doing whatever else we want to do.We’ll help you disable some of the worst Windows annoyances.

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