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Any further information is gratefully accepted towards the combined pool of Mossop knowledge.

The first mention of these families appears to be in Gosforth area of West Cumberland.

Gillberry, I have not yet had access to all the parish registers for all dates, all wills, nor examined all the census returns.

Therefore it is probable that much more is yet to be found regarding these families.

Almost every generation had a Clement and it was also adopted by some families the Moscrop/Mossop married into.

I have not found it in any other branch I know about although there are several families whose origins I cannot trace at present. The witnesses to his will were Thomas Moscrop and William Moscrop.

From my own research I believe the above to be the more likely scenario for reasons below.

There are other mistakes in this chart which was very well compiled but before the benefits of IGI and other records being available) I believe that the children of Richard and Thomas probably married each other, i.e. So there were two sets of cousins married, both William and Margaret, one of Rackes and one of Bankhouse, Gosforth.

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I have assumed his wife’s name was Margaret for reasons, see below.

There is a story, probably fanciful, that the first of this name was a foundling, discovered by a monk on a bank of moss outside an abbey and given the surname "Moss Crop".

It certainly seems to be true that the early origins of the name of those who eventually changed to Mossop are confined to this area.

Even so, it is circumstantial that her maiden surname was Moscrop and that she was William’s cousin.

THOMAS Baptised 2 July 1598 buried 16 April 1668 Married Dorothy 6 children of which 2 died young.

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