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Comparing the world’s most reputable, respected and prestigious luxury wristwatch brands fascinates quite many people, and indeed this global fascination for luxury watches, has produced this very article.The luxury wristwatch is the ultimate example of a highly personal, wearable and portable object of value, which not only can last an entire lifetime, but can even be handed down to the next generation.One could even go so far as to say that these wristwatches have attained cult status, especially if one is familiar with the name Louis Cottier and its relevance in the origins of the world time complication.

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This clock was presented by Will Brandt, Mayor of West Berlin, to John F. in 1963 (the day after his famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech). Patek was an early innovator in quartz timekeeping and in its time such a clock would have been both a precision instrument, and a luxury. II, says, "This portable clock, fitted with a completely autonomous quartz movement, was developed by Patek Philippe's Electronic Division...

If you are collector, an enthusiast or if you have a slight streak of snobbery, Patek Philippe is the ultimate King of Luxury – it’s the luxury watch world’s equivalence to Rolls Royce – no expenses seem to be too great!

Patek Philippe Rose Gold Ladies Calatrava 7200R-001 There is something incredibly beautiful about the simplicity of this watch with its ultra-thin calibre, uncluttered cream-coloured dial, gold applied numerals, and rose-gold case.

With this watch, modern nomads can eliminate the need to calculate time differences or to stop the watch and move the hour hand in either direction to set the time.

All the wearer needs to do is depress the push piece at 10 o’clock until the city that stands for the destination time zone is at the top of the dial. Study the picture closely to see if you can decipher its secrets.

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